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Mobile app
Store Administration

My Shopping app gives you the ability to administer your own mobile app to sell your products without the necessity of coding.

Custom Mobile app Design
Custom Design

You can choose one of our different designs for free but if you want a complete new design you can contact us to build you a new one.

E-commerce website and Mobile app bundle
Website and Mobile App

You can have the best of both worlds, E-commerce Website and Mobile App.

What is an e-commerce mobile App?

An e-commerce mobile app, is an application designed for smart phones like Android and Apple that gives you the ability to sell and administer your own products. It has a payment interface that is ready to use that will accepts credit and debit card payments. The difference between an e-commerce mobile app and an e-commerce website is the fact that the mobile app is installed in your Smart phone meanwhile an e-commerce website requires to you to access it via a web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

What are the benefits of an e-commerce mobile app?

  • More intuitive than a website
  • Users use more apps than the browsers on their smart phones
  • Increase the recognition of your business, it makes it look more professional
  • Better user experience
  • Higher user engagement
  • Faster accessibility to content

Only pay for the products that you have

Pay for the amount of products that you have on your store.

100% free for 100 products.

$35 USD monthly for more than 100 products.

$25 USD monthly for more than 200 products.

Payment Interface

Choose one of our 4 available templates

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Customer Service

Customer Service Available for all our customers for free.

Payment Interface

Payment Interface

Payment Interface ready to accept credit and debit card.

Easy Control Panel Interface

Administer your shop from your phone or your computer. Update your inventory everywhere at any time. Ask for a 30 days free trial!!

Control Panel
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